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What is Modis

Modis first opened in June of 2007 by the creative team of Eric Mamula & Ian Hamilton; who created the Breckenridge staple: Downstairs At Eric’s. They had a vision of a contemporary restaurant on Main St. that would join the growing ranks of foodie havens available in Breckenridge. In late 2012 Eric & Ian turned over their creation confident that Justin &Teryn Guadagnoli were the right team to build on the legacy they had established. 

Modis is the realization of a dream to offer the best food, wine, and cocktails in an atmosphere that is contemporary yet honors the history and feel that is Breckenridge. Today at Modis you can expect to find menus that showcase the best in food, wine, & cocktails available incorporating the newest & most innovative preparations. We actually call the bar & kitchen the science labs. The staff is fully engaged in this creative process and is encouraged to experiment to ensure your dining experience is a memorable one. We hope you are inspired and continue to join us on this creative journey that is Modis.  

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Justin & Teryn had been in the restaurant industry for many years before they took over ownership of Modis. Justin was born into the industry through his parents Sam & Kathy Guadagnoli…who have owned & operated restaurants & nightclubs since they were in their very early 20’s. Teryn was introduced to the restaurant industry at the age of 15 when she started carhopping at Sonic restaurants. Justin & Teryn, both natives of Colorado Springs, met when they were 18 & Teryn started working at Justin’s families places. Together they shared a passion to create a restaurant that showcased their love of food, cocktails, art, & life. After having two beautiful children (Jace & Miabella, who are frequent presences in the restaurant) they decided to move to Breckenridge & embark on their quest to create their ideal restaurant. After almost 5 years & numerous thoughts about giving up, the 2 of them realized their dreams & were able to buy the restaurant that they had always called their “unicorn” a place they describe as the most beautiful space with the most potential in Breckenridge: Modis. 

Justin is not only dedicated to the creation of an amazing food menu but he is usually a presence behind the bar working with Dustin to create amazing cocktails. He has been passionate about the science of distillation & cocktail creation since he was 21 & had his first cocktail. Justin spends hours working with Dustin & Simon to find new ways of doing things that he thinks are innovative & sure to please.

Teryn loves all things food & cocktails, however her true passion is business & she likes to spend her time coming up with new ways of executing the day to day business any restaurant faces. Teryn earned a Bachelor of Innovation in Business Administration & Creative Communication from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. However when she is not being innovative in business she is trying to find eclectic & fun wines to join her ever growing wine cellar. She is the driving force behind the wine list & has no intention of stopping the pursuit different wines. 

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